Pre Tan Do's and Don'ts

The Day Before

Shower, exfoliate (I recommend using FakeBake passion fruit body polish), pumice any patches and moisturise with a non-oil based moisturiser ( I recommend using FakeBake oil free moisturiser or mistifier spray). Hair removal should be done the day before to give the pores time to close.

The Day of your Spray Tan

Shower and exfoliate to leave clean prepared skin.
Do not moisturise
Do not apply deodorant or perfume since they react with the tanning lotion
and may turn greenish in colour.
All make-up must be removed if the face is to be tanned.
Do not wear contact lenses.
FakeBake does not stain hair or lips.


During the spray tan you should wear swimwear or underwear, preferably not brand new.
After the spray tan, loose fitting dark clothing should be worn so bring some with you.
Wear open shoes or flip flops to prevent rubbing.
It is not advisable to wear expensive, tight fitting garments until a shower has been taken 8 hours or more after the tan.

Immediately after your Tan

(within the first 8 hours)

Your spray tan will take 8 hours to fully develop its full colour strength.
Therefore please follow these guidelines:

Loose fitting, dark clothing should be worn.
Avoid touching all tanned areas with your hands.
Traces of tanning solution can be transferred onto clothing and bed sheets, however, this will easily removed when washed.
Do not wear tight fitting garments as this may rub away some of the tan.
Do not shower, swim or exercise as excessive sweating may cause the tan to break down quicker and more unevenly.
Do not sit on light coloured or leather fabrics as the tanning solution may cause discolouration.
Drink hot liquids through a straw.